No New Posts Treaty Of Treason

No resident of Panem can enter the country without hearing the rules. Before you make a character, or even before you register, please thoroughly read the rules, as they are important.

3 4 The Rules & Orientation v.4 (Mar 16)
by Kay [earthling]
Mar 12, 2016 22:19:09 GMT -5
No New Posts The District Square - 3 Viewing

You can talk about anything here, as long as it stays PG.

by Pogue
May 24, 2016 23:23:00 GMT -5
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Are you new, or are going away for a bit? Introduce yourself or let us know here!

3,032 14,680 Hello new friends!!
by saratonin
May 24, 2016 22:10:30 GMT -5
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If the staff have an important message to post, perhaps about a plot, the Games, an event, or a rule change, it will be here.

446 6,143 The Lottery: May
by arx
May 24, 2016 11:29:39 GMT -5
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Need help polishing up your RPing skills? Did a staff member PM you saying they recommended a couple of lessons? Here's the place!

There are sub boards for private or public lessons; private requires a password that will be given upon request. If you'd like your lessons to be private, please PM an RP Tutor. If not, you're welcome to post in public.

636 2,886 Guide me?
by Rosett△
May 19, 2016 14:36:20 GMT -5
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Do you have a question about this site? A suggestion that would make the site better? Something that should be fixed? Post here and the staff will get to your question as soon as they can.

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639 2,608 Staff
by Lancelot
May 2, 2016 17:35:04 GMT -5
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Is your thread over? Has your character died, and their profile become obsolete? We don't want to delete these, as they are an important part of the THG:RPG history, so they go here instead. Please contact a staff member if you need a thread moved, and we'll put it in the appropriate board.

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by arc
Jul 31, 2015 11:54:13 GMT -5
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1,112 1,112 Insurrection - A HPRP
by Insurrection Staff
May 24, 2016 11:44:05 GMT -5


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Anything that has to do with your characters should be posted here; this board includes a character directory and a character introduction sub-board.

904 4,610 Face Claim
by Kaplan
May 25, 2016 6:40:12 GMT -5
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When you've read the rules and are ready to make your character, click "New Thread" in this board to create a bio and post it here to get it accepted. Once it is cleared, a staff member will move it to the correct sub board.

Freeform applications are accepted as long as all the information required in our form is included in your character's bio.

Characters will be checked promptly. Please do not PM staff members or tell them on the cBox to check your character. If your character is missed during a checking spree, simply "bump" it up the board.

5,676 16,197 Cinder | District Eleven | WIP
by Kaplan
May 25, 2016 6:45:06 GMT -5
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Bursting with an awesome idea? Need someone to play your character's sibling/friend/special other/enemy? Post here!

1,789 13,929 District Twelve Family and Friends
by Kaplan
May 25, 2016 6:30:43 GMT -5

The Hunger Games

No New Posts Games Information - 1 Viewing

Information for the 73rd Games can be found here.
(May 2016 - )
Gamemakers: , ,
Climate: ?

2 34 Reaping Order Preference Thread
by Thundy
May 24, 2016 23:45:19 GMT -5
No New Posts The Arena

The arena for the 73rd Games can be found here.

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No New Posts Games Discussion

Any discussion about the 73rd Games can be found here.

6 34 Mock reapings
by Kaplan
May 23, 2016 17:16:18 GMT -5

Old Hunger Games (2010-2014)

No New Posts Old Hunger Games (2010)

54th Hunger Games (Jan - April)
Climate: Frozen Forest
Victor: Arbor Halt, District 12

55th Hunger Games (May - July)
Climate: Tropical Archipelago
Quell Twist: Sinking Islands
Victor: Aranica Petros, District 12

56th Hunger Games (Sept - Jan)
Climate: Autumn Forest
Victor: Topaz Ross, District 1

484 6,291 55th Hunger Games Recap Video
by Tom Hiddelston...jk it's kale.
Mar 26, 2012 6:11:36 GMT -5
No New Posts Old Hunger Games (2011)

57th Hunger Games (Feb - June)
Climate: Volcanic Wasteland
Victor: Heron Kimberling, District 12

58th Hunger Games (July - Aug)
Climate: Africa
Victor: Lethe Turner, District 5

59th Hunger Games (Sept - Dec)
Climate: Arctic Jungle
Victor: Mace Emberstatt, District 10

484 4,115 59th HG Recap Video
by jess
Jan 29, 2013 14:47:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Old Hunger Games (2012) - 2 Viewing

60th Hunger Games (Jan - April)
Climate: Hourglass
Quell Twist: No Alliances
Victor: Julian Bryze, District 2

61st Hunger Games (May - Aug)
Climate: Island Sandcastle
Victor: Klaus Goravich, District 3

62nd Hunger Games (September - December)
Climate: Greek Mythos
Victor: Peridot Myler, District 1

570 5,103 62nd Hunger Games Thread Tracker
by Kay [earthling]
Feb 21, 2016 23:29:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Old Hunger Games (2013)

63rd Hunger Games (January - May)
Climate: Mesoamerican Ruins
Victor: Cricket Antoinette, District 2

64th Hunger Games (June - September)
Climate: Oriental Forest
Victor: Opal Shore, District 1

65th Hunger Games (October - December)
Climate: Oversized Landscape
Quell Twist: Tiny Tributes
Victor: Saffron Lowe, District 10

622 5,182 63rd Games Thread Tracker
by arx
Feb 27, 2016 2:40:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Old Hunger Games (2014) - 2 Viewing

66th Hunger Games (January - April)
Climate: Four Elements
Victor: Colgate O'Leary, District 9

67th Hunger Games (June - August)
Climate: Wild West
Victor: Leon Krigel, District 4

68th Hunger Games (September - December)
Climate: Subterranean Caves
Victor: Patricia Valfierno, District 5

624 5,211 67th Thread Tracker
by Anzie
Mar 11, 2016 21:33:32 GMT -5

Old Hunger Games (2015-)

No New Posts Old Hunger Games (2015)

69th Hunger Games (January - April)
Climate: Ice Castle
Victor: Katelyn Persimmon, District 11

70th Hunger Games (June-August)
Climate: Steampunk
Quell Twist: Random reaping of eligibles regardless of district
Victor: Kirito Miristioma, District 11

71st Hunger Games (Sept-Dec)
Climate: Celtic
Victor: Harbinger Rhodes, District 11

689 5,841 Welcome Home {Levi's DP}
by Tom
Mar 23, 2016 18:12:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Old Hunger Games (2016)

72nd Hunger Games (January - April)
Climate: Swamp
Victor: Atticus Manor, District 3

179 1,641 To Our Lovely, Spectacular, Fabulous GMs
by nyte
Apr 22, 2016 19:57:54 GMT -5

The Capitol

No New Posts The City Circle

A large, bustling square in the center of the Capitol, the city circle is where most events and interaction takes place. The opening ceremony for the annual Hunger Games is held here as well.

29 152 what we deserve {v+v+a}
by Python
May 1, 2016 2:14:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Style Street

Residents of the Capitol love to decorate and adorn their bodies with outrageous clothes, makeup, and hairstyles. Here is where most of that is done, with clothing outlets, salons, and beauty parlors.

13 46 Back to Black // [Capricious x Amethyrst]
by Lancelot
Feb 1, 2016 1:27:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Residential Area

Most of the Capitol residents live in this area of the city.

38 274 {don't} forget about me
by kite [D4M] Elegant
May 16, 2016 21:32:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Past Arenas

No one in Panem is more attached to the Games than the Capitolites who put them on. So absorbed do they become, in fact, that most of Panem's richest tier refuse to let their favorite moments go. Many reruns of Games past can be found in between regular shows- but for some, watching them on television isn't enough. These are the people who can be found at the sites of past Arenas, reenacting the most dramatic deaths and having picnics in the prettier regions. Zoos with examples of the muttations are quite popular, as are demonstrations of Gamemaker traps, and many people even enjoy dressing up as their favorite tributes.

14 35 The Rhodes Back To Hell [Harbinger One-shot]
by Brother Cato
Mar 13, 2016 17:24:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Training Center

Tributes in the Games will reside here for the duration of their training in the Capitol.

266 1,065 :| Through the Open Slot |: {Cass}
by ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
May 5, 2016 19:30:47 GMT -5

Upper Districts

No New Posts District One

The residents of District One have always been the subject of any of Panem's envy that isn't directed to the Capitol. Those who work make luxury items for the Capitol, but some come from rich enough families that they don't even need to work- an unheard-of dream for the lower Districts. Many of these make up for the lack of something to fill their time by becoming Careers, or training their children as such, making the tributes from One among the most-feared in the Hunger Games. Others turn to social engagements, leading a life that, though less extravagant, mirrors life in the Capitol, which even District One envies.

69 314 I Can't Escape This Hell | Lorenza Aita | Oneshot
by Kaplan
May 23, 2016 8:32:05 GMT -5
No New Posts District Two

Of the two Districts primarily fueled by mining, District Two is unquestionably the lucky one. Why they're so much more fortunate than their District Twelve counterparts is hard to say- perhaps it's simply a matter of being close to the Capitol, perhaps it has something to do with all the Peacekeepers recently seen moving into the area, and maybe it's a more complicated result of the economy having previously been built upon a medical industry. Either way, nearly everyone agrees that District Two is second only to One in terms of luxury and the fierceness of the Careers- and, indeed, most of those who disagree hold District Two at the top.

67 549 the edge of tomorrow / kaplan
by Kaplan
May 23, 2016 7:33:46 GMT -5
No New Posts District Three

Easily the most polluted of the Districts, and near to the smallest despite its large population, Three is home to most of Panem's high-technology workings. From computers to helicopters, District Three makes it all- but, of course, the citizens here rarely get to keep their products. A good portion, including anything even vaguely military, is shipped to the Capitol for use by government officials and Peacekeepers. Most of what remains is bought out by Capitol citizens or those from other upper Districts, leaving District Three relatively rich (so long as you're more than a lowly factory worker, of course) but nearly as technologically destitute as the middle Districts.

39 203 Meeting of the Minds [Archibald and Genesis]
by mrmista
Apr 28, 2016 13:15:25 GMT -5

Upper Middle Districts

No New Posts District Four

The only coastal District, Four knows the advantage its location gives it and has used it well to become one of the primary food production Districts. Citizens here are renowned for their skill in gathering seafood, from fish to scallops. As with any other District, nearly all of the catch is taken to the Capitol to be redistributed (mostly to Capitolites, of course), but they always have enough left over for the health of the population as a whole. Partly as a result, Four is the lowest District known for its Careers, who despite being poorer than their One and Two counterparts have proven themselves just as deadly.

234 1,614 The Rose's Thorns (Open)
by CittyKat
May 24, 2016 17:40:57 GMT -5
No New Posts District Five

For a long time District Five was the place to be if you wanted to work with animals, and remnants of this industry still remain, from scattered ranches to exotic pet breeding for the richer members of the populace. However, the time when husbandry truly dominated the economy is past, and now oil rigs and refineries are the far more common sights. Sadly, the region is becoming far more polluted than in previous years- but it's also better off financially than before, so many consider the smog an unfortunate but more than fair tradeoff.

22 85 silver. [wip]
by Cait
May 17, 2016 22:51:19 GMT -5
No New Posts District Six

District Six is home to the brains of Panem. Though rarely rich, the people here are also rarely poor, for their work with medicines, aerodynamics, and everything else scientific leaves them famed- and needed- by all of the country, Districts and Capitol alike. If any kind of physics-, biology-, or chemistry-related problem needs a solution, Six is generally consulted directly after or even alongside the Capitol's own scientists, and their medics are rumored to be even better than the Capitol's.

70 281 { in that iron ground } gryphon + para
by fox.
May 18, 2016 10:52:51 GMT -5

Lower Middle Districts

No New Posts District Seven

Like those of many other Districts, the denizens of District Seven make good use of their natural surroundings- in this case, the nation's most dense and expansive forests- to carve out their place in Panem's ever-efficient economy. Nearly all wood products, be it raw lumber or the softest of paper, originate here, and outside of the Capitol there is no place in Panem with finer architects.

96 619 A new old face || Open
by yOya
May 19, 2016 15:06:39 GMT -5
No New Posts District Eight

Grateful for the wool jacket that keeps you from freezing during Panem's winters? Thank the people of District Eight, whose lives generally revolve around the creation of textiles. From harvesting the materials (cotton, wool, fur, you name it), to refining them into thread or hide, to sewing the whole sock or blanket or shirt together, Eight's denizens are undoubtedly the masters of their trade. Unfortunately for them, it's not a particularly rich business, and they face fierce economic competition from fancier Capitol garments, leaving most of the citizens fairly poor.

35 126 { star warts: episode one } matilda + oscar blitz
by fox.
May 24, 2016 13:03:57 GMT -5
No New Posts District Nine

Before the Dark Days, District Nine comprised of hunters and foragers who lived off the spoils of the wilderness. Now, the vast forests have been closed off to all citizens, and various factories and refineries have sprung up across much of what remains of Nine's territory as the people scramble to support themselves. Where once venison was stored and smoked, raw materials from elsewhere in Panem are being made into plastics, gels, soaps, metalworking, and so forth, and it is these things that Nine has become known for- although they are not things that have made their makers rich.

57 259 the final countdown {sammy oneshot}
by turtle
May 19, 2016 11:30:45 GMT -5

Lower Districts

No New Posts District Ten

Though once more intellectual, District Ten is the ranching, farming, and breeding center of Panem. Citizens here work in close correlation with their neighbors in District Eleven, helping each other with agricultural technologies and systems so that both can meet their food quotas for the Capitol and still have enough left over for themselves. Citizens here aren't exactly wealthy enough to import food from District Four, after all.

42 145 a game of pawns {{ zoë
by Zoë
May 23, 2016 5:16:32 GMT -5
No New Posts District Eleven

The other half of Panem's agricultural industry, District Eleven handles all of the farming. Its vast territory, probably the biggest in Panem, has only the occasional city or town and is mostly covered with orchards, fields, and other places where plants can be grown in the necessary quantities to pay the Capitol and still manage to feed the District. Easily one of the poorest Districts, Eleven is ragged even in the richest of areas (even their Town Square has the feel of being run-down), and despite being surrounded by food the people here are often hungry.

47 162 fields of dreams {o p e n}
by Puppy
May 18, 2016 7:12:26 GMT -5
No New Posts District Twelve

However bad the other Districts have it, not one is as poor as District Twelve. The second mining district, Twelve is responsible for dragging coal from the mountains. It's dangerous work- no one may go into the mines until they're eighteen- and offers little money, especially since most of the haul is seized by the Capitol. On the bright side, there's enough coal for fires that people don't generally freeze to death in the winter, but that's not much consolation when people drop off of starvation right and left. Very few are rich here, and those that aren't must scrape and struggle to get by.

36 458 Hiding in plain view (open)
by Mr.King
May 11, 2016 16:47:46 GMT -5

Other Lands

No New Posts District Thirteen Ruins

There used to be a thirteenth district in Panem, but due to a rebellion that arose, it was destroyed. Runaways, wanderers, and avoxes are usually the only people who see these ruins, besides Capitol representatives that are sent to make sure everything is running smoothly...

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No New Posts The Open Forest

Between all the districts, open forest and land can be found. It is forbidden to go here, but many a time you can spot a wanderer, runaway, or even just a District citizen up to no good here.

9 33 Only Truths {Frankel}{Blitz}
by Kaplan
May 23, 2016 6:35:50 GMT -5
No New Posts The Ocean

Past District Twelve, and even the ruins of District Thirteen the vast Atlantic Ocean can be found. Be careful though; if you come here, there's a rather large chance you won't be able to get back.

2 14 when the war came // frankel
by Fɾαɳƙҽʅ
Mar 23, 2016 16:02:26 GMT -5
No New Posts The Detention Center

A newly constructed building just outside of District 2, the Detention Center is relatively small concrete structure. The complex is primarily underground, made up of cells, peacekeeper housing, and an 'interrogation' center. Breaking out is completely impossible; breaking in would be excruciatingly difficult, and probably result in becoming one of the detainees.

14 49 Michelle's Curse
by troylus
Feb 6, 2016 18:08:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Battlefield

For characters to meet up and duke it out; the Combat System has also been installed here. Moderate your own fights, set your own rules, if desired. This board requires a three paragraph minimum per post to maintain quality; threads that have become shorter will be moved to Just-For-Fun.

168 2,972 which is the better terrible weapon? [blunt vs whip]
by arc
May 24, 2016 17:10:22 GMT -5

Old OOC Games

No New Posts 59.5th Hunger Games Arena - 1 Viewing

This will be the location for our OOC Games Ratmas Event.

41 475 Betting
by Kay [earthling]
Dec 30, 2011 16:55:51 GMT -5
No New Posts 62.5th Hunger Games Arena

This will be the location for our OOC Games Event for Ratmas 2012.

55 642 Betting Thread
by aya
Feb 10, 2013 16:08:43 GMT -5
No New Posts 65.5th Hunger Games Arena - 2 Viewing

This will be the location for our 2013 OOCG Ratmas event.

54 644 Betting Thread
by Kay [earthling]
Jan 8, 2014 12:42:22 GMT -5
No New Posts 68.5th Hunger Games Arena

This will be the location for our 2014 OOCG Ratmas event.

54 513 68.5th OOCG Betting Thread
by Kay [earthling]
Dec 27, 2014 17:33:28 GMT -5

OOC Games

No New Posts 71.5th Hunger Games Arena

This will be the location for our 2015 OOCG Ratmas Event

54 510 Boneass OOCG The Difference In Your Place
by Kay [earthling]
Jan 4, 2016 12:06:54 GMT -5

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